Woman who treated Bobbi Kristina Brown in a hospice just weeks before her death, she’s a fake ‘Nigerian’ Nurse



One of the nurses who treated a comatose Bobbi Kristina Brown in the last month of her life wasn’t a medical professional at all. On Sunday police arrested Taiwo Sobamowo in North Carolina on charges of impersonating a nurse, this was a shocking revelation to medical professional authority.
Authorities say Sobamowo used the identity of an actual nurse with a similar name in order to get a job at Peachtree Christian Hospice in Duluth, Georgia, where Brown died this past July. Investigators said they don’t believe Sobamowo was trying to get close to the Brown family, because this is not the first time the suspect have pulled this con, she has done it at other medical centers.


However, there was a controversy when photos leaked of Bobbi Kristina on her death bed, and the person behind those private pictures has never been identified. Now fingers are pointing to the fake nurse. Sobamowo is also facing charges of forgery and identity theft, and the George Board of Nursing is reportedly looking into how she got away with passing herself off as a licensed medical professional.


Sobamowo recently fled Georgia, but authorities were able to track her down to North Carolina where she was arrested on Sunday. She is suspected of carrying off a similar con in the Washington, DC area. Homestead Hospice and Palliative Care, the company which contracts nurses to work for Peachtree Christian, told Fox 5 that they were ‘shocked and dismayed that she had issued with her licensing, The company said Sobamowo was fired immediately after they found out about the con.


Duluth police confirmed to Fox 5 that Sobamowo was one of the nurses who treated Bobbi Kristina, but Homestead officials say that she worked in the office.

‘We understand that we are not the only hospice that she has gained fraudulent employment with, and we are relieved that she is no longer practicing,’ Amanda McKissick, regional director of operations for Homestead, said.