Woman who slammed police on Facebook For Losing Job stunned when officers replied to her post on Facebook.


Woman who slammed her local police force for making her lose her job after she was pulled over for speeding was stunned when officers replied to her post on Facebook.

Woman, Christy Carter left a one-star review of Owasso Police Department in Oklahoma claiming she had been victimised for going 1mph over the speed limit.

She said the officer who stopped her, insisted on keeping her there for 19 minutes, causing her to miss the start of her shift and lose her job.  So she demanded to know if the officer would help her with her rent and repayments on her car, warning that she faced homelessness.  But instead of agreeing with her version of events, the police department commented on her review with a very different description of what happened.

Christy Carter moaned that a local officer had cost her a job

The force wrote: “Interesting take on the event Christy, your claims are very serious but more alarmingly very false. “You were stopped for travelling 57mph in a 45mph zone which received you a warning. “You failed to keep insurance on your vehicle which is cause for your vehicle to be towed. “The very generous police officer allowed you time enough to contact your insurance agency by phone and update your insurance policy by phone. 

“[This] you did and were then allowed to leave.” The reply continued: “So, to sum up, this officer gave you a warning for speeding, didn’t tow your car and allowed you to contact your insurance to update your policy.

“Was there anything else this officer could have done for you? Perhaps you meant to score our review higher?”

Police reply to the complaint

The response from the police department in the American city of Owasso, Oklahoma, was liked more than 1,000 times before the review was deleted.