Woman ‘Stabbed Her Husband Over His Instagram page, Called For Help, Then Stabbed Him Again On The Way To Hospital’



A woman has been accused of stabbing her husband, calling for help, then stabbing him again on the way to hospital. Tracy Fleischer, 34, is said to have attacked her husband with a large kitchen knife as he arrived home from work in Augusta, USA.

The couple’s daughter told police her father appeared to have been concerned at something his wife had spotted on his Instagram page prior to the attack. More after the cut..

According to Assistant District Attorney Francis Griffin, Fleischer “called for help, admitted she stabbed him and while on the way to the hospital stabbed him again.”

She has reportedly been charged with elevated aggravated assault and a lesser charge of aggravated assault.

Police officer Brett Lowell, said Fleischer’s oldest daughter told him that her father seemed concerned that his wife had seen something on his Instagram account. She said that her father ‘often hides all of the kitchen knives due to the past violence between Tracy against him.’

Tracy Fleischer had bought a new kitchen knife while her husband was at When he arrived home from work later that day, the daughter said there was screaming before her father was heard shouting “No, no, no”.

At an initial court hearing bail was set at $75,000 (£52,000), Fleischer was banned from seeing her three children or her husband, who is expected to fully recover from his injuries.