A woman Kala Brown, who was rescued from a shipping container after witnessing the brutal murder of her boyfriend at the hands of her suspected abductor has narrated how she was chained up like a dog, raped and kept in the dark for months.

30-year old Brown was found by the police in November inside a large shiping container on the property of Todd Kohlhepp in South Carolina, two months after she and her boyfriend, Charles Carver, had gone missing from their home in Spartanburg.

According to Brown, her accused captor, Todd Kohlhep, forced her inside the pitch-black box lined with shelves and put a short chain around her neck.

Narrating her ordeal, Brown noted that when the alleged perpetrator forced her inside the green container on his 95-acre tract of land, it was pitch black but the suspected kidnapper came armed with a flashlight, which illuminated the interior of the box.

‘He had a lot of shelving with dry food and rations and stuff, and lots of bottles of water,’ Brown recalls.

The kidnapping survivor also recounts how Kohlhepp allegedly led her all the way to the back of the container, where he proceeded to restrain and gag her.

‘He left me bound and he also put a chain around my neck,’ she says.

Brown added that the chain was only 2/1/2-3 feet in length, which prevented her from moving freely inside the already cramped box.

‘My neck was in one corner and my ankle was in the other corner.’