A Florida woman was arrested wearing just her bra after she allegedly crashed into her ex-boyfriend’s truck as revenge for dumping her that day right after they had sex.

Brianda Nayeli Ramirez, 25, has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.
Ramirez intentionally crashed into the truck of her ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Sandoval, as he attempted to make a right turn and caused it to flip over, police said.  Sandoval, 38, told police that he and Ramirez began to argue in her apartment after he revealed he wanted to end their one-year relationship. Ramirez told police the couple had just finished having sex, and she threw on a bra and got into her silver Ford Fusion sedan so that she could follow Sandoval after he left her apartment.

She followed Sandoval to his aunt’s house in Belle Glade, where a friend dropped him off so that he could pick up his own truck, according to WPBF.  Ramirez told police that Sandoval refused to talk to her and drove off, but she continued to follow him. Sandoval’s Ford truck flipped onto its roof in the middle of the road after he was hit. He later told police he only knew it was Ramirez who hit him after a witness mentioned a silver car.

Witnesses at the scene told police that the driver did not stop their car after crashing into Sandoval. Ramirez claims that she rear-ended Sandoval’s truck after he slammed on his breaks. She said she panicked after she saw the car flip over and drove off.

Police found Ramirez wearing just a bra when they caught up with her on US Route 27 as she headed to her home in Clewiston. She told officers that she had wanted to get dressed before turning herself in to authorities that night, according to the Palm Beach Post.  The front of her sedan had damage that was consistent with Sandoval’s truck.  Ramirez told police that Sandoval pays for her apartment, car payment and insurance and that he is her only source of income.
She was taken into custody at Palm Beach County Jail on Tuesday. Her bond is set at $7,500.