Wife accidentally shoots herself in the head 36 times with husband’s home-made hunting gun



The man, Zhang Tung from China, had designed the weapon to use when bird hunting. After returning home with his catch, he started preparing the birds in the kitchen, leaving the still loaded gun on the floor behind the kitchen door in Chengdu city in south-west China’s Sichuan Province.

Unfortunately, his wife didn’t realise that the modified firearm was still loaded and went to move it. After picking it up she accidentally triggered the home-made weapon and shot herself in the head with more than 36 of the steel balls. The panicked husband called emergency services and she was taken to hospital by ambulance where doctors carried out an X-ray and operation to remove 35 of the pellets.


Medics were forced to leave one inside her head that was too difficult to reach and her condition is currently understood to be critical. The extent of the unfortunate wife’s injuries can be seen in her shocking x-ray’s, showing a cluster of pellets lodged towards the back of her head Her horrified husband is now facing prosecution for constructing an illegal firearm.