Why Must A Cooking Oil Advert Have To Be sexualised And Alcoholic drinks adverts Humm? – Watch



Why must a cooking oil advert have to be sexualised? That was the question most people probably asked themselves when Pwani Oil’s Fresh Fry commercial first aired.

Why must Pwani Oil make the Advert of their frying Oil as Sex Stimulator? And now, the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has had enough of such adverts on Kenyan television.

The board has banned local television stations from airing beer and contraceptive advertisements without its approval. Why Making alcoholic drinks adverts have the potential of influencing teenagers to engage in underage drinking and sex.

KFCB Chief Executive Officer Ezekiel Mutua, on Tuesday, said Pwani Oil and other companies had been given 14 days to comply with regulations meant to protect underage audience.

“By airing these unclassified adverts, the advertisers and broadcasters are violating the Kenya Information and Communication Act that empowers the board to impose age restrictions on all programmes to be aired to ensure content that depicts adult scenes are not shown between 5am-10pm,” Mutua as quoted by The Standard. 

The directive follows what has been termed as public outrage over East Africa Breweries Ltd’s (EABL) Tusker Lite advertisement associated with media personality Jeff Koinange and another one by Durex condoms, which is said to have classifiable pornographic elements.

Mr Mutua said that the alcoholic drinks adverts and the time they are being aired have the potential of influencing teenagers to engage in underage drinking and sex. 

Mutua said the board had written to all producers of alcoholic drink adverts to ensure the clips are examined and approved before being aired on TV. The board further revealed that it will be cracking down on Mexican soaps and Nigerians films to ensure they all meet the regulations. Other Products advert that are affected  are Lux Soap, Durex condoms, London Distillers Limited drinks,Tusker Malt: The Taste of Legends