Watch How A girl Hit and Trapped Underneath A Minivan Before Pedestrians Team Up To Free Her – Video


Careless: A driver in China knocked over a woman in the street yesterday and dragged her down the road

A group of strangers pulled together on a busy street in China to save a young woman who had just been run over by a van.

She became trapped underneath the vehicle when it mowed her down as she was crossing a pedestrian crossing in Shucheng County, Anhui Province, reports the People’s Daily Online. More after the cut…

Surveillance cameras on the street captured the dramatic moment on March 18, showing around a dozen men lifting the van and rescuing the woman who fortunately suffered only minor injuries. 

Shocking: The disturbing moment was captured on camera, the woman was mowed down and became stuck

In the 60-second video, the unidentified woman – wearing a white coat and black trousers – crosses the road on the zebra crossing with her hands in her pockets. The red van comes up behind her, she doesn’t see it and it hits her knocking her straight off her feet. She falls to the ground and the vehicle continues to drive over her, the wheels crush her legs and her head is hit by the front of the van.

Rescue: Arouns a dozen pedestrians saw what happened and ran to red van to save the woman underneath

Strength: They teamed up, lifted the van off the trapped woman and pulled her to safety in Shucheng County

It eventually stops, and from the right hand of the screen a man can be seen running towards the vehicle. He opens the driver’s door and he gets out of the van. Together with several other people passing by, they lift it up and pull the woman out from underneath. Some nearby drivers also stopped their cars to lend a helping hand. The whole rescue process took less than a minute. According to the report, the woman miraculous walked away relatively unharmed.

Watch the video: