This is the gruesome moment a knife embedded 8cm into a man’s face has to be yanked out by the surgeon before he miraculously walked out the hospital just hours later.

Excruciating footage of the procedure shows Dr. Diego Rocha Moreira tug at the blade while his assistant grips the patient’s head.
After a little wiggling the doctor successfully yanked the more than 20cm long knife in Brazil. Fortunately the 28-year-old stab victim is under general anaesthetic and does not feel a thing.  Yet he is set for a painful few weeks when he wakes up, after the blade penetrated his face just beside his nose.

And incredibly, the man reportedly walked out the same morning he came in on June 13.
An X-ray of the miracle stab victim showed that he also had bullet fragments lodged in his skull. The doctors confirmed on Facebook ‘he was a PAF victim (perforation by arms fire) two years ago.’

Painful procedure: Dr. Diego Rocha Moreira has no option but to yank out the massive knife with his hands

Easy does it: The over 20cm knife hand penetrated 8cm into the 28-year-old victims face say the doctors

Miracle: After the operation the man reportedly walked out of the medical centre the same morning he entered

The doctor, based in Belo Horizonte, wrote the ‘weird knife shiv) was embedded in his face through the side of his nose’ before he was referred to a local hospital.

‘Fortunately, the procedure was successful and the patient could recover fully,’ he added.

The video has already been viewed over 22,000 times since it was uploaded yesterday.
It is unclear what the circumstances were surrounding the stabbing.

Professor Filipe Jaeger posted another picture of the man with the knife in his face before the procedure

In the X-ray of the victim not only the knife but bullet fragments can clearly been seen lodged in his skull