Vietnamese woman jailed for kicking ailing husband to death


A court in Ha Tinh Province on Tuesday sentenced a woman to seven and a half years in jail for stomping and kicking her husband to death in July. Le Thi Thuy, 40, cried through out the trial. During her testimony, she admitted to the violent act that claimed her husband’s life. 

According to the indictment, Thuy suspected that her ailing husband Vo Hong Son had stolen VND10,000 (US$0.45), which was half of her daily income, to buy some wine on July 1.
She pushed him, and after he fell down, she repeatedly kicked and stomped him in his head and belly. She then left her home to work on the field.

In the evening, Son told his wife that he was in pain and passed away minutes after that. Thuy told neighbours the next day that her 41-year-old husband had an “unexpected stroke”.
However, when preparing for his funeral, some relatives discovered suspicious bruise marks on his face and neck.
The case was then reported to local investigators, who later found that the husband suffered a brain hemorrhage. His intestines were also damaged.