Video: Pizza delivery guy is brought to tears with generous tip


Pizza guy

22 year old Jeff Louis, an employee of Gionino’s Pizzeria, a pizza chain in Ohio, was stunned when he received a $700 cash tip after delivering some pizzas to LifePoint Church in Mentor, Ohio, on Nov. 22. Louis posted a video of his reaction to YouTube shortly after receiving the tip. Louis was asked to come in a little earlier than usual to deliver the pizzas, and when he showed up at the church with the pies he was asked to bring one of the pizzas up to the pastor onstage.

Confused, Louis said he was a little “weirded out,” but he obliged.
“The most amazing thing happened,” Louis said. “The whole church came up and gave me over $700 for a tip.””This is truly amazing, you know, I’ve been having such a hard time lately. Just struggling to stay clean and everything and I’m just trying to get my life back” Louis added in the video as he was brought to tears.
Pastor Ken Wright said “I just thought, you know, let’s just tip him $100 tip, it’s holiday season.””It was just spontaneous, it just happened,” Wright added.

On Reddit read people reaction: who claimed to know Louis described him as a good person.

XxANTIxHEROxX689 points15 hours ago
I used to manage a different pizza place this guy worked at. He’s a cool person and a really good worker glad this happened to him

While other commended the church for its actions, noting that many will criticize Louis’s ability to handle that much money with his past drug use.

sundin_thirteen873 points18 hours ago
The guy is making an honest effort for a fresh start, and that church put an investment into a potential future for him. Some people will be quick to dismiss him to relapsing and go back to being a user. I can’t blame them because it’s very likely to happen. What I can say from this video, is that this church saw redemption in this guy and he is truly thankful for it.

“It just really, truly amazes me that people who don’t even know me wanted to help me out that much. Blessed,” Louis said as he ended the video.