Video: Watch the moment When ISIS fighter was captured by Kurdish forces, he cries like a baby


captured ISIS

This is the moment an ISIS fighter cries like a baby after being captured by Kurdish soldiers. The would-be terrorist is seen whimpering in the back of a jeep, his hands tied behind his back and a blindfold covering his eyes. This revealing video shows a different side to Isis fighters and the war on terror, this proves ISIS are losing the battle.

The guys who caught him don’t seem to have any sympathy for their prisoner and, if anything, seem quite amused as the militant can’t hold back the tears.

captured ISIS2

Another prisoner is a lot more quiet, sitting in the back of the truck. The location of the incident remains unknown, but their captors are thought to be members of the Kurdish Peshmerga. A second extended video of the incident reveals that the prisoner was crying because he had just been tasered in the left thigh.

captured ISIS3