US Vice President Joe Biden Unleashes Brilliant Attack On Donald Trump At AIPAC -Video


US Vice-President Joe Biden, pictured on February 25, 2016, will hold talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Many politicians have mocked Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, and Vice President Joe Biden was more than happy to take his turn on Sunday, during his speech at the opening night of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) 2016 Policy Conference.

Making a not-so-subtle reference to Trump’s hateful, racist remarks towards basically every minority, Biden said: Read after the cut…

As the Jewish people know better than any other people, any action that marginalizes one religious or ethnic group imperils us all. It’s incumbent upon us, all of us, to stand up against those who traffic in pernicious stereotypes, who seek to scare and divide us for political gain.

The audience gave Biden a loud applause, and knew exactly who the vice president was talking about when he said:

Because the future belongs to the bridge-builders, not the wall-builders. That’s why we’re here. That’s why AIPAC exists, it exists to build bridges.