UFC fighter who beat the crap out of Ronda Rousey? has something that looks like eggplant


Holly Holm has come under fire for associating herself with a sponsor that sells supplements on the anti-doping banned list. Shortly after Holm did the unthinkable by knocking out undefeated champion Rhonda Rousey in one of the greatest upsets in UFC history, she was congratulated by Intel Pharma, one of her sponsors. The interesting thing about Intel Pharma which has people a little uneasy is the company sells substances that are banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Now some photos emerged after close scrutiny showing Holly, who is really a woman, with a mini penis and also a former STEROID FACILITATOR – who got performance enhancing drugs for athletes. According to the man in the video, UFC female champ believes that Holly Holm has abused steroids in the past. Why does he think that? Well the former drug facilitator says that Holly has the tell tale signs an enlarged CLITORIS.

Now Holm’s manager Lenny Fresquez defended the sponsorship, saying he and Holm have not decided if they are going to extend the one-fight contract with the company.

“The first question I asked them was how many of these products were banned, and they were upfront about it,” Fresquez told USA Today. “Holly didn’t really use them so it’s not a big deal. I’m sure she didn’t use any of them. She might have taken a picture with one.” My job is to get whatever the best thing is for Holly. Now that you’ve raised this concern we’ll definitely take that into consideration more carefully in going forward.”

USA Today also quoted renowned anti-doping expert Don Catlin saying the association was “a pretty bad idea”, while Victor Conte, founder of the lab at the centre of the BALCO doping scandal, said: “This looks highly suspicious…this is crazy stuff.”

​source: Mediatakeout