Two Beggers Stab Man For Refusing To Give Them Money


Man Stabbed By Two Homeless Beggars for His Refusal to Give Them Money

A ground worker, Keith Newbold has been stabbed by two homeless beggars, Dean Jones, 26 and Sean Kelly, 23 while attempting to withdraw cash to pay a cab.

Keith was attacked by the two beggars when he turned down their requests for cash from him. The attack began with a series of kicks and punches and escalated into knife stabs.

The incident occurred in in a city center in Newcastle which was supposed to be safe for individuals to go about without any fear.

Keith was stabbed severally in his abdomen and was slashed in his arm and left to struggle for his life while his attackers made away with his belongings.

He almost completely lost consciousness before an ambulance arrived and took him away to the hospital.

Newbold’s attackers, “Dean” and “Sean” have both been sentenced to different jail terms. Dean for 12- and- a- half years for inflicting knife injuries to Keith and Sean for 14 months for not doing any stabbing.