Troy Deeney: Watford’s Owner Gino Pozzo Thinks Odion Ighalo Is Worth £200m


Troy Deeney has warned anybody hoping to buy his Watford strike partner Odion Ighalo that club owner Gino Pozzo thinks he’s worth £200m. 

Ighalo has been a Premier League sensation grabbing 14 goals so far to put himself in the race for the Golden Boot. But Hornets skipper Troy Deeney says that far from hoping to cash in on the Nigerian international who came from Udinese for a bargain £2m, businessman Pozzo knows that keeping him could bring in a hundred times that. 

He said: “He ain’t going in January. If no-one wanted any of our players we’d be crap. So, come and want him as much as you want, but I know Gino and it just wouldn’t make sense.  “Why would he sell a striker and want to stay in the league? “The value of selling Odion for, what would he be worth? £20million, £25million? Or staying up and getting £200million? It is simple business maths, he’s not going to sell him. “Odion doesn’t come in saying, ‘I want to leave’. He’ll just keep doing what he’s doing. We just laugh at it. The goals he has scored are a fine art – it is not down to luck. “People used to say that about David Platt, that he was lucky because he was always in the right place, but it takes a lot of bravery on his part to get into those positions. “If the ball bounces well for you then it’s luck you deserve by being there, and he showed against Spurs how he puts chances away. He’s flying, and it was another assist for me, so I’ll take that.”  

Defeat to Spurs on Monday ended a five match unbeaten run that has put new boys Watford in the top half of the table and Deeney says the disappointment over Son’s late winner sums up how far the club have come.

He said: “I clearly remember Boxing Day last year. It was lashing down with rain and we lost 1-0 to Wolves, and a good third of the stadium was empty with people sacking off coming here to watch it on the telly. “Then you’ve got Liverpool when the place was packed to the rafters and people were here an hour before the game. It was a perfect example of how far the club’s come. “We don’t do normal and we don’t want to do ordinary. We’re looking to go beyond expectations. And we’re planning to make a nuisance of ourselves for a good while to come yet. “We can still make this an unbelievable season. We’ll keep going. It’s Man City next so we’ll definitely be up for that to bring in the New Year and if we play like we did against Spurs we’ll cause anyone problems.”