Traffic Officer At Agege Gets Christmas Presents from Local Firm


Traffic officer has benefited from the xmas largesse of a growing estate firm(zodiac ‘n’ anthills) in the agege\oko-oba locality.

Traffic Officer, According to reports the lastma official had been outstanding through his years of being at his official duty post, working at irregular hours and resuming very early to ensure smooth flow of traffic and discharging his duties with a smile, according to residents and passers by, they said the official deserved it and that he had been super in the discharge of his duties, running from one junction to the other to ensure that gridlock Was taken care of.

An interview with the company’s MD (zodiac ‘n’ anthills) reviewed that the company had decided to give back in its little way and was Also going extend the largesse to even outstanding LAWMA (lagos state waste management authority)officials who it found dutiful and diligent,