PUNCHES are thrown between lifelong residents over over the firing of town marshal



Things got out of hand at a recent town board meeting in southwest Indiana.

Punches were thrown when brawl broke out at a board meeting to replace the town marshal of a western Indiana community. An Indiana town meeting was thrown into chaos when punches were thrown over the election of a new town marshal, and the firing of his beloved predecessor. Residents from Hymera, a town of just 790 people, started brawling as the town board discussed the replacement of the law enforcement official. 

Darrick Cullison, who was in the position, was set to be replaced by Daryl McCullough, a move that angered those who showed up.  Cullison claims he was wrongly fire from the position and has started legal action against officials but the board still passed a motion to remove him. A short time later, tempers flared and some in the audience stood up and showed their support for Cullison. Members of the board asked him to ‘shut his crowd up’, but they ignored his plea.  Cullison ended up approaching McCullough and started punching him. Others then piled in. 

Daryl McCullough can be seen in the black shirt while Darrick Cullison is in the red top




It wasn’t until others stepped in to help that the barrage of punches came to an end. Roger Thompson, a lifelong resident, said: ‘I think it got a little out of hand. I just tried to ask a simple question as to why we terminated the town marshal in October.’


WTHI reporter Sara Schaefer was at the scene and had to jump over a desk to avoid flying fists. She received an email from Cullison after the incident saying: ‘I’m sorry.’

No arrests were made in connection with the incident, but the case has been turned over to the Indiana State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation. Investigators will work with the Sullivan County Prosecutor’s Office.


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