This valuable Information is written by One of Our Followers, Please Read.


This is to inform the general public that there is a new technique being used by robbers and other criminals to divert and escape arrest.

I was just alerted by a friend that robbers are now collecting used recharge cards, and once they abandon hijacked cars or where they dump the dead bodies, they leave the already used cards at the scene or near the victims. When the police arrive, they use the scratch card’s serial number to track on which phone number it was loaded; and they start tracking the owner of the phone number.

Already, two people who fell victim of the trick are in Kirikiri. To be on the safe side, once you load airtime, make sure you destroy the card before you dispose it to avoid access of these undesirable elements. Kindly circulate for the safety of your loved ones. Be cautious! Note: Shared as received