This Sainsbury’s pork loin looks so rude it’s making the internet blush


Louise Watt got a surprise when she realised the shape of the pork loin

A Mum of two got a big surprise as she prepared her Sunday roast when she realised her pork tenderloin looked like a penis. Louise Watt, 36, unintentionally picked up the phallic meat on one of her trip to Sainsbury’s in Northampton on Sunday.

It was only when she got home and started preparing dinner with her husband, Jack, that she noticed how rude the loin looked. Mum Louise said that while the adults were in stitches at the shape of the slab, her kids were confused why they were taking snaps. More after the cut….

Louise said: “When you’re shopping with a six-year-old and a two-year-old, you just want to get in and out of the supermarket. “I checked to make sure it was a good colour and in date, but that was about it. I took no notice of the shape at the time. “I took it out of the fridge later on and just burst out laughing. It’s really quite rude. The colour certainly helps. It’s pretty realistic. “We don’t normally have a traditional Sunday dinner so it was a bit of a treat for us. “The kids looked a bit baffled that we were taking a picture of our dinner. I put it on my Facebook page and it attracted quite a reaction. “Most of the comments were too rude to print. A lot of people were asking me if I was satisfied or if I could ‘taste the difference “It was very nice I have to say. I have no complaints. We had it with the usual potatoes and veg and everyone enjoyed it.” 

Louise Watt picked up the saucy slab of meat from her local shop in Northampton on Sunday but it was only when she got home that she noticed it looked like a penis

The mum-of-two said she took no notice of the shape at the time but when she took it out of the fridge she 'burst out laughing'

And Louise said she would be more vigilant next time she selected an item from the fresh meat aisle.

Louise said: “Thankfully I didn’t have to explain anything to the kids. It was lovely but I’ll probably be a bit more picky next time I’m choosing. “It did look a bit gross but it gave everyone a laugh anyway.”