“They call me baba go slow, but I will go slow and steady” – Buhari replies critics



Those in the habit of criticizing President Muhammadu Buhari may be expending energy on a futile exercise as he has vowed not to lose sleep over criticisms that may come his way. Noting that he wants to be remembered as a president who fought corruption to a standstill, he promised to remain resolute in wagging the anti-corruption war.

Speaking during a press conference after the India-Africa Summit, which took place in New Delhi, Buhari called on Nigerians, who are not corruptly enriching themselves with public funds, not to be afraid of the fight against corruption, adding that they should rather encourage him to get whoever had compromised his position and the trust given to him.

The President, whose government has security, economy and the fight against corruption main focus and is regularly bashed for the pace of his government, said “They call me baba go slow, but I will go slow and steady”. On Racism, he said it is the state of mind of people, individuals which a nation state cannot absolutely control. So I don’t think people should be preoccupied if somebody says ‘get away you black man’ or whatever,” said Buhari.

Wooing investors, the President assured Indians and the international community of his administration’s commitment to sustaining efforts aimed at making Nigeria an envy of all.

He urged them to avail themselves of the conducive environment that would be created for investments to thrive.