‘The Dream ISIS Promised Is A Lie’ Said by Radicalised African Migrant Shortly Before He Was Killed


The teenager, named only as Bilal (pictured), moved to Germany as a two-year-old but became radicalised and joined ISIS when he was 17

A refugee teenager who went to Syria to join ISIS has been killed after he sent a message back to his brothers in Hamburg telling them that the ‘dream was a lie’.

The teenager, identified only by his first name Bilal, came to Germany with his family from Africa when he was just two years old. Read more the cut…

The family had settled in Hamburg, and he was educated in the German school system and spoke fluent German, but was radicalised and had decided to head Raqqa in Syria.  According to insiders, most of the information that persuaded him to leave Germany came from watching online videos. He had then met other believers while taking part in a project handing out copies of the Koran on the street in Germany. 

He was 17 when he left and he believed in the ISIS ideal, and was told that as a western recruit he would be eligible for his own house, a good income and a wife. However when he got there, the reality was that he ended up being locked up in a house with other Western recruits, and when they realised he was not prepared to return as a suicide bomber, he had been told he was to be sent to fight on the front line.

Security services in Germany managed to intercept a message he had managed to get back home, warning his friends that had also been thinking of joining, saying that the ISIS promises are lies. He described how his bloodthirsty bosses were only interested in sending their men to their deaths on the battlefield.

Here he is pictured with friends campaigning at the main train station in Hamburg, his adopted home

After a short period of time, the messages reveals his desire to remain in the self-declared Islamic state had vanished. He went on to explain that ISIS chiefs kept promising to send him to a training camp, but instead locked him and other recruits without food inside a building that was ‘like a jail’, Bild reported.

Bilal said: ‘Eventually they told us what they wanted us to do, they told us there was a place where there was fighting and they wanted us to go there. They told us we had to fight. ‘I asked him if there were any tactics and they said just go there and fight. They might just as well have put a gun to my head and pulled the trigger. If I go there it will be a death sentence. I didn’t come here just to die. ‘They are sending brothers to the death, people who protest just vanish. The military chiefs here don’t do anything, they just send other people to their deaths. ‘One guy from France, he wanted to go home. He told them he wanted to go home, they said it was okay, and then they threw him in jail. ‘They even took away our suitcases. I don’t know what’s going to happen to me now. I don’t know what they’re going to do. I can put my faith in Allah, what he wants is what will happen.’

According to security services, the young man was killed two months ago, although it was unclear whether it was in fighting or at the hands of ISIS militants.