Thai waitress working legally in the US receives a racist message but no tip by male diner


Racist message left by a male diner turned out be a fortune in disguise when a Thai waitress that served him and the California community rallied round her to makeup for the a ‘disgusting’ racist message left by a him on the receipt instead of a tip. The Racist diner had a meal by himself at the Bamboo Thai Bistro in Redondo Beach last week and was served by a Thai waitress, who has a visa to work in the US, but when it came to paying the bill, the man left no gratuity instead he wrote on the on the receipt saying: ‘Tip for U.S. citizens only.’

The man named on the receipt as Jason Paul Naglich was expected to give a 15 percent tip on his bill of $22.84 would have been $3.43. The other diners in the Restaurant make up for the poor attitude of that other gentleman by giving generously to the waitress, one person left a 50 per cent tip and Another left a $10 bill and a note reading: ‘Sorry you had to deal with that sad man.’ Others denounced the man as a racist and apologized to the woman – who is in her 30s – that she had to witness it.

The man left the restaurant alone, completely unaware of the social media storm that was set to follow him. After the receipt was posted online with his full name, Naglich has been inundated with hate for his actions, while locals have shown out in support of the woman he left empty-handed.