Photos: Texas Woman Escape Death after Driving Off from Top of 3-Story Garage


Police say a West Texas woman has non-life-threatening injuries after her foot slipped off the brake and her truck drove off the top of a three-story parking garage, landing upside down in a street.

Abilene police said the 47-year-old Tuscola woman was trying to park in a bank’s garage on Friday when her foot slipped. Police believe the woman accidentally hit the accelerator, causing the pickup truck to crash through a garage retaining wall.

Abilene police wrote: ‘The driver was attempting to park on parking garage owned by Prosperity Bank. ‘She reported her foot slipped off the brake pedal and on to the accelerator causing the 2011 Nissan Frontier to crash through the retaining wall.’

The truck tumbled to the street, damaging a section of garage on the way down. According to Police report, the woman, whose name wasn’t released, was able to get out of the wrecked vehicle and was taken to a hospital. City inspectors will evaluate the structure of the damaged parking garage.