Late Tara Palmer-Tomkinson’s sister has said the model died of natural causes related to ‘a perforated ulcer’ and ‘did not have a brain tumour’.

Santa Montefiore, on social media clarified the cause of Tara Palmer-Tomkinson’s death.

Tara revealed last year that she’d had a brain tumour, she was suffering from an auto-immune disease and was once addicted to Class A drugs, which led to rife speculations about her death which happened on February 8.

Santa, however, said, ‘Today the Coroner’s report states that Tara died of natural causes – a perforated ulcer. She did not have a brain tumour.’

The British author while referring to claims about Tara’s royal connections added: ‘Contrary to some reports, Tara was not the goddaughter of HRH the Prince of Wales.’

Santa revealed that Tara in her last days had written a song and was still enjoying life to the max.

‘Tara’s good friends & family know that she was in high spirits in her last days. She had plans, trips & had written a moving new song,’ Santa wrote.