Swedish Doctor Drugged, Rapped A Woman And Locked Her In A Bunker – Photos/Video


He could have raped her for many year to come if not the fact that he push his luck too far and police did not give up. For about five years ago, the 38-year-old doctor build a machine shop at his farm in Skåne. From the outside the wooden building is not particularly remarkable out. But inside, the physician has built a sound and light isolated bunker designed to keep people incarcerated for longer periods.

A doctor has been drugging, kidnapping and raping a woman in her 30s and holding her hostage in a purpose-built bunker in his home in Sweden for nearly a week. The 38-year-old is accused of keeping her locked up, raping and sexually abusing her for a week. More after the cut….

The pair had met once before when the 38-year-old doctor visited the woman in her flat in central Stockholm on September 12. He drugged the woman with juice and chocolate dipped strawberries, He then raped the her while she was passed out in her home, he took her in a wheelchair to his car, he drove from Stockholm to his home, a large property outside Kristianstad, some 345 miles south of Stockholm, during which time he also injected her with a soporific to keep her sedated. He had brought two rubber masks of an old woman and a man with a beard to use as disguises during the car journey. 

Kidnapper:The 38-year-old doctor drugged the woman, who is in her 30s, using strawberries laced with Rohypnol in her flat in Stockholm , and drove nearly 350miles to his home in southern Sweden

On arrival at the property he locked the woman in the prison-like bunker where he repeatedly raped her during six days in captivity. The Doctor is believed to have built the 60 square meter bunker himself, with the purpose of keeping at least one person captive over a long period of time, starting five years ago. The concrete-enforced walls are 12.5 inches thick and the bunker has a bedroom, functioning toilet and a fully fitted kitchen.

Evil: The doctor drugged the woman using chocolate-dipped strawberries, marking which of the berries he had laced with Rohypnol by drawing on the stem leaves 

He also withdrew blood and took vaginal samples from the woman which he tested at a lab in his place of work, later confessing that he did this to ensure she did not have any STDs.  He is also believed to have forced the woman to take contraceptive pills so he could have unprotected sex with her.  According to a Swedish police, the woman was bound or cuffed for a majority of her time in captivity, including when the doctor raped her. 

Evidence: Police found traces of flunitrazepam - Rohypnol - on the juice and champagne bottles and the glass in the woman's flat

The Doctor ran out of luck a few days later when the doctor drove back to the woman’s home in Stockholm to bring her some personal possessions, only to discover that she had been reported missing and police had broken into her flat.  The doctor is believed to have panicked, and brought the woman to Stockholm where they visited a police station together on September 18, and forced the 38-year-old woman to tell police a fake story that she was safe and well, in order to call off the search, but officers grew suspicious and took her to one side.  The woman then told police the full story of her horrific ordeal, after which the man was arrested.

Patient: The kitchen in the bunker, which the man had spent five years building on his rural property

‘We believe his intention has been to keep the woman locked up for several years,’. ‘We also suspect him of planning this for years. Among other things, he has built the bunker to bring one or more victims.’ said chief prosecutor Peter Claeson

Friends of the doctor who have spoken to Swedish media have expressed their shock and surprise at the news.

Prison: Police images taken inside the bunker indicates that it was still a work in progress 

‘In the beginning, when this got out, you kind of thought that “maybe it’s not so serious, maybe it’s blown out of proportion”, but now that he’s been charged it’s become clear how f***ing sick this is. It’s like a film,’ a ‘close friend’ of the doctor said.

The friend describes the 38-year-old as socially awkward but helpful and polite, but adds that he is ‘almost too sharp, intellectually, for his own good’.  ‘The more I read about this the more confused I get. He’s not the kind of person you look at and think “he’ll lock up and abuse a woman”.’

Disturbing findings: The two masks were found in the doctor's bedroom in his home in Kristianstad