Stevie Wonder Help Apple for a seriously festive Christmas advert

Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder and his Children in the Apple ad

Stevie Wonder together with up and coming singer Andra with the singers’ Children Day in performing his 1967 classic Someday At Christmas.

Except not content with showing off their wares, the tech giants have enlisted the help of singing legend Stevie Wonder to mark the Christmas season. The resulting clip sees Stevie Wonder together with up and coming singer Andra Day performing his 1967 classic Someday At Christmas whose lyrics have an oddly timely message about peace and freedom. 

Stevie Wonder2

All of which is played out against a backdrop of festive shenanigans, with the singers’ children showing up to join in the fun not to mention join in the song. Oh, and away from the actual music bit, the ad also takes the opportunity to show off the MacBook’s VoiceOver accessibility, an advanced screen reader for the visually impaired – while GarageBand and the Apple Watch also get a look in.

However it’s the music – rather than the products themselves which take centre stage here while it signs off with a heartfelt note. 


The Apple ad debuted on YouTube the day before Thanksgiving in the US – although given it seems to be an American campaign there’s no word on whether we might see it on TV over here. At the end of it all Stevie Wonder did a Wonderful job for Apple.