Snail Facials: See How Far Ladies Will Go To Look Beautiful?


Snail Facial?, you will be wondering  if there are any limits to what women can do to look beautiful. Is This  simply disgusting! More Photos after the cut…. 

Snail Facial is a new skincare craze where they crawl over your face has reached Nigeria. A “snail facial” involves three of them on your face for 20 minutes apparently giving the skin an amazing “instant glow”. It’s currently all the rage in Tokyo but until now has been unavailable in Nigeria. As the snails move around the skin they leave behind a trail of mucus which is said to contain highly beneficial proteins, anti-oxidants, and anti-bacteria…and the results are instant and “overwhelming”  

“It does seem a bit strange at first but the treatment is actually very relaxing and the skin feels marvellous afterwards. “Once clients get used to the feel of the snails on their face, they really enjoy the treatment.” The snails are bred and farmed locally, fed on organic fruit and vegetables, and we have about 60 in total. spa owner name withheld : “The snails have been specially farmed for us. They’re not the sort you’ll find in the garden. “We can tell them apart and we’ve even given them names. The snails’ well-being is very important to us. “Once they have been used on a client we make sure they’re not used again for at least four days. We constantly monitor them.” After the facial, the snails are “quarantined” separated from the others so there is no danger of cross contamination. Clients are told not to wear any make-up or skin care products with chemicals in them before their facial. Spa Owner said that the results are so powerful that the snails could be used for people with severe skin conditions such as acne. She said: “The treatment is completely natural and people have been overwhelmed with the instant results. “So we have clients with skin problems and also quite a few mature ladies who don’t want to use the strong chemicals that can be found in certain anti-ageing products.

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