Serial mistress says her affairs with married men help their marriages by doing their wives a FAVOUR


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The 45-year-old, Financial consultant Gweneth Lee claims her lovers would have left their wives if they had not been able to have a fling. A serial mistress claims she has helped keep families together by having long affairs with married men. London based business woman has had three long affairs with married men and she believes she did their wives a favour. She believes the men would have left their wives had they not been able to cheat discreetly. The 45-year-old insists at least one of the wives tolerated the affair.

Gweneth says the wife was concerned her husband would have an affair elsewhere as she was no longer interested in sex .

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Gweneth said: “If her husband had not been allowed to cheat he would have left her and that would have caused huge upheaval to a family with children.”He stayed in the family home and would sleep with me with his wife’s full knowledge. “We would be very discreet. I was a simple outlet for him to have his fun. “I don’t feel morally compromised at all in what we have done. “Everyone benefited from the arrangement even the wife who had a much happier husband because of me.”

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All of the men Gweneth had affairs with were on cheating dating website,

Gweneth, from Chelsea, London, started this arrangement when she lost Robert, her Businessman husband to liver cancer 10 years ago, she wanted to meet rich men to have fun with and which she was introduced to the by her friend who was already dating on the site because her husband was impotent.

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Gweneth said: “My friend was having the time of her life and she told me, ‘You have got to try it.’ “It is not like ordinary internet dating – this is a world away from Tinder. “Sites like Illicit Encounters attract a higher calibre of men. They are rich, highly discreet and highly sexed. “That ticks all my boxes. I wanted to have all the fun and none of the complications you normally get with affairs.”

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Since then, she has dated a security chief who worked for big oil companies and a danish shipping magnate and an accountant with five children, Widowed Gweneth, who splits her time between homes in Chelsea and California, is still dating on the site but longs to meet Mr Right.

She said: ‘I would love to be married again. I miss the comfort and companionship you get from a fully committed relationship. “And if my husband were to ever go on a site like this, I would think it was because I probably wasn’t doing enough to keep him happy.”

gewenth lee6 claims registrations shoot up by 25% in January as married people seek a fresh start after spending Christmas with their families.