Serena Williams On Harper’s Bazaar Front Cover


The tennis Ace and business woman appeared on the February edition of Harper’s Bazaar.

Serena spoke on a variety of issues, and said she does not celebrate valentine’s day, The tennis star solves your love and relationship dilemmas.; More Photo after the cut….

‘I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I think you should try to make every day special. It’s the little things that count,’ she said. On being sexy; ‘Being sexy is really about how you carry yourself. Strength and confidence equal sexy,’ she explained.

DEAR SERENA: I’ve always thought that “Netflix and chill” really meant watching Netflix and chilling. Am I naive? —Age of Innocence

SW: I have to tell you, I thought the same exact thing. When I say “Netflix and chill,” that’s what 
I mean. I guess you and I are just old-fashioned—if you can call Netflix old-fashioned!

DEAR SERENA: Which tennis terms do you also apply to relationships? —Game Player

SW: Love; advantage Williams; game, 
set, match; and championship.

Serena, 34 is rumoured to be currently dating Reddit cofounder, Alex Ohanian, 32.