See Prisoner’s Jail Break Through Cell Toilet, it’s not a pretty sight


Prisoner tries to escape via the toilet

This Prisoner’s Idea in a clever one by attempting a Shawshank Redemption style escape and it all goes a little bit wrong while trying a jail break through toilet. 

A prisoner found himself in deep trouble – quite literally after attempting a Shawshank Redemption style escape from a jail via the communal toilet. In the footage, the man is seen attempting to slither head first through the hole in the ground, his body completely covered in excrement.

As the man attempts to wriggle through the clogged sewerage pipes, two men grab hold of his legs and pull him back out of the hole. Another shot shows the man covered from head to toe in poo after being returned to his prison cell. It is thought the man was attempting to escape from a prison in Brazil but the exact location is not clear. At the end of the day he got caught and received more jail time.