See How Thief Pickpockets of a Drunk And Saves His Life Moments later from Train



See a Thief who pickpocketed a drunk man at a train station saved his life moments later after the victim stumbled in front of a train.

See the Snapshots of video Captured on CCTV at a Paris Metro station the opportunist is seen brazenly nicking stuff out of a man’s pocket as he slumps over on a bench.  After getting his hands on what looks like the victim’s phone, the thief moves to the man’s other side and steals a further item from his pocket.

Moments later the drunk man wakes up and stumbles along the platform, before losing his footing and tumbling onto the tracks  Another man on the platform walks away without batting an eyelid as the train heads towards the man lying on the tracks. Incredibly the thief sprints back down the platform to save the man before he is crushed by the oncoming carriages.  





It is not known whether the man sustained any injuries or whether the thief was caught, The video, which was being analysed by a senior police officer, has since been viewed more than 5 million times.