Same Old Bushiri Lies: Controversial Prophet Pulls A Fake Jet Miracle, 2 Jets Same Registration


Presents second jet as third! …jet is still registered with Gulfstream. 

The recent PR stunt by South African based controversial Prophet Shepherd Bushiri that he has bought a third personal jet is just a lie, Malawi24 has the exclusive information. Investigations that this publication has conducted have revealed that Bushiri’s media team has bounced back with a new lie to deceive people into believing that Bushiri is getting blessed when the case is that nothing much is happening around him except fake miracles and claiming ownership of other people’s properties.

Recent reports from the media team of the successful prophet claimed that Bushiri has purchased a new jet registration number ZS – VIP. However investigations conducted have revealed that the jet is not owned by Shepherd Bushiri. The website which has a register of the planes that are on earth contains the information that plane registered ZS – VIP which is the same one that Bushiri claims to be his is a Gulfstream III which is managed by Medair.

Meanwhile the Bushiri media team has gone on a social media campaign alleging that Bushiri bought the plane from Gulf Stream. The article by Bushiri appeared in the press on 6 January 2016. However Malawi24 can reveal that an article on Nyasatimes that was published in November 2015 alleged that Bushiri had bought a second plane with the same registration number of ZS – VIP.

The article quoted Bushiri’s PR a Mr Kelvin Sulugwe who claimed that Bushiri had bought the same plane from the same company and that it was a manifestation of ‘prophetic growth’ for ‘Papa Major 1’. The PR for Bushiri said he had completed the buying of the plane on Wednesday November 25, 2015. 

Surprisingly, not only has Bushiri bought the same plane twice only for it to become a second and third acquisition but even after the first purchase in 2015, the details of the registered plane were not changed to reflect that the plane was no longer under Gulf Stream but was under the flamboyant man of god who once claimed to have a Bentley that has never been seen with him.

Further revelations that Malawi24 has have revealed that Mr Larry Flynn who is said to be the manager of Gulf Stream in the article that promotes Bushiri’s lies retired from Gulf Stream in July, 2015 on health grounds.

“It is clear that this is a lie, as you can see this Flynn guy retired in July 2016, now he was in South Africa in 2016 handing over a jet to Bushiri who bought it in November but miraculously bought it again in January 2016,” an investigative reporter with Malawi24 concluded. 

Shocking as well is the picture of Mr Flynn which Bushiri team are claiming he is in handing over the jet to the fake Prophet. The picture is different from the Mr Flynn that worked for Gulf Stream. While Mr Flynn who worked for Gulf Stream has a bald head, Bushiri’s Mr Flynn is a young man with all his hairs intact.

Recently Shepherd Bushiri has come under heavy attack for staging stunts he prefers to call miracles as well as lying about things he claim to have acquired.
At the very end of last year, he earned a reputation of being a fake over a video that purported to show him walking in the air. At the end of last year he claimed that angels appeared in his Church, the bluff was dismissed as a photoshop. 

Malawi24 asked a psychologist to interpret what the aim of Bushiri was in making the lies.

“Bushiri is a conman, he pulls all these stunts to impress desperate people. The aim is that when people see that they will be convinced he has the message from God and will give him their money. In the end, his business is just on track,” said the psychologist who opted for anonymity. “He thrives on people’s desperation and ignorance,” said a secular humanist who also suggests that Mr Flynn who worked for Gulf Stream may have initially gone to ECG seeking ‘spiritual’ healing because his health is in bad shape only to be welcomed by the pressure of planting the jet as a ‘spiritual’ seed.