A Mexican Reporter has been fired after she was pictured being carried over puddles by two flood victims to protect her shoes.

Lydia Cumming, who was working for TV Azteca Puebla as a reporter, made a public apology following her antics in the city of Puebla which was devastated by severe flooding on Friday.

Dismissal of the reporter dismissal was tweeted by her boss at TV Azteca Puebla, Juan Carlos Valerio. In Spanish, he wrote: ‘She was fired yesterday. I’m sorry for what happened. ‘Her attitude is regrettable and for this we sacked her.’

Cumming later told Mexican newspaper El Pais that the flood victims had offered to carry her – and she’d felt bad turning them down.

‘I should have been quicker to refuse the kindness of the people who only tried to help me,’ she said. ‘I try to maintain a good relationship with people and I was afraid I would sound rude if I turned down the favour. ‘They carried me two seconds and after I asked them to put me down.’ said the reporter.

Not only did her lack of professionalism spark anger across Mexico, it also prompted the hashtag #LadyReportera, which has go on to spawn a series of memes.

Reporter sacked

Reporter sacked