Read Heartbreaking Suicide Note 11-year-Old Bullied Victim Left For His parents


Diego Gonzalez was having a hard time with the bullies in school and just couldn’t take anymore. Before jumping off the fifth floor of the family home, he wrote his parents a heartbreaking note which he left beside a teddy bear he has owned since birth.

The incident happened October 14th last year after Diego complained that he was having trouble at school and was unhappy but his parents only just made the letter public in a bid to persuade authorities in Villaverde, Madrid, to launch a full investigation into his death. More after the cut….

His heartbreaking letter read:
“Daddy, Mummy…I hope that one day you will be able to hate me a little less. I can’t stand going to school and there is no other way to avoid it. “Dad, you taught me to be a good person and to keep promises…Mum, you have taken care of me very well and shown me a lot of places…Grandpa, you have always been very generous to me and have looked out for me. “Tata, you have put up with a lot from me. “Mum, Dad, These 11 years I have spent with you Have Been very good and I will never forget them as I will never forget you,” I wrote to His parents. “Alone the two of you are incredible, but together you are the best parents in the world. […] I ask you not to split up, Mum and Dad, only seeing you together and happy I will be happy. “I miss you and I hope one day we can meet again in heaven. Well, I say goodbye forever.”

He was a pupil at Nuestra Senora de Los Angeles School in Madrid and now his parents want answers from the local authority.

Diego’s father, Manuel Gonzalez, said: “In this school strange things are happening and, at least, must be investigated.”

Despite Diego’s letter and several other complaints from parents at the school, police ‘ruled out’ his death was due to a case of bullying, according to the El Mundo.

His mother, Carmen Gonzalez, remembered the horrifying moment she found her son.

She said: “I heard that he had moved from the room. I looked and saw the shoes on the floor.
“I got into the [other] room, looked wildly around the house to find him and saw towards the back of the kitchen, the open window, I went and looked. I saw his shadow on the floor.”

The family’s lawyer, Robinson Guerrero, That says more than a dozen parents from the public-private Catholic school Attended Diego That Have Been in contact to tell them about “other cases.”

“With a matter as serious as the suicide of a minor, the investigation has to be Followed-through to the end,” I Said. “We want the truth to come out,” added Manuel Gonzalez.

Mariano Cano is one of the Parents Who runs the Our Lady of the Angels school in the working-class Madrid district of Villaverde: “We are shocked and shaken,” I Said. “We Have not detected even the slightest sign of bullying, nor was there any Problem with this boy. From the beginning, we Have Been in Contact with the family and are Collaborating With the police investigation and the education department. “