Prisoner caught out when both wives visit him in jail at the same time


Bigamist Frank E. Blake Jr.

Prisoner was caught with his pants down when his two shocked wives visited him in prison at the same time. 

Prisoner, Bigamist Frank Blake Jr will be spending more time in his cell after authorities realised that he has two wives. Blake claimed that he did not realise that he was committing a crime. But authorities charged him with bigamy after launching an investigation when his two wives appeared at Henrico County Jail, US, at the same time. More after the cut… 

Investigators discovered that Blake had not divorced his second wife before marrying his third wife. He didn’t even finalise the divorce from his first wife before marrying wife number two, cops said. It is unclear why Blake was originally in jail but he pleaded no contest to the charge of bigamy. Prisoner Blake claimed he did not realise that he was committing a crime by keeping two wives legally. 

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