Musician and actor, John Legend has said President Donald Trump will be impeached, adding that it is only a matter of time before the Congress the guts to do it.

John Legend stated this in an exclusive interview with Independent.

Asked if he thinks Trump will be removed, Legend said: “I do think he will, yeah,” Legend says simply. “I think he’s already done enough to be impeached. Now it’s just a matter of when Congress has the guts to do it.

“And it may not happen until after 2018, but it may happen sooner if enough evidence is presented against him. I’m not super optimistic for a Mike Pence presidency either, but at least I think he’s not insane. He doesn’t seem like he’s a psycho.”

“Donald Trump represents that sense of being ‘put-upon’ and victimhood among the Christian white straight man,” he continues. “And I feel like they have a bit of a backlash against anything that celebrates another type of existence whether it’s women, LGBTQ, people of colour… 

“There are some that feel like any type of inclusion, any interruption of the overall domination of white men, is some kind of front. Which is weird because they’re still doing fine, they’re still winning. We’re just asking to have a seat at the table! 

“You see that reaction in some of these elections in the US and Europe,” he says, pausing for a moment. “Hopefully everyone will calm down and stop operating out of fear and be more accepting of each other’s differences.”