Photos: Of An Ogun State Based Babalawo Who Advertises His Business Online Go Viral


Recently, Internet is becoming very lucrative for any business promotion, trust our babalawos, many of them are promoting their businesses online as well. An Ogun state based babalawo, originally from Ghana has gone viral after he shared his spiritual photos and stacks of dollars online and also asked interested people to contact him.He wrote…

Don’t allow your problem to weigh you down. I am , a former spiritualist with AIM spiritualists. I am from Accra, Ghana and studied at Yendi High School & Money Making Secrets Revealed. I now live in Ijebu, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Never take counsel from the realm of poverty if you want to live in the realm of wealth. Don’t let poverty take over you, neither your problems say it out and you will get solution for that problems.

Don’t hid sickness or your problems, say it out and it will be solve, you have anything to share with me feel free to call or leave a message.