Pharrell Said His Wife gave him a black eye NOT Jay-Z


Pharrell Williams attended A&E Network’s ‘Shining A Light’ concert in Los Angeles last night at The Shrine Auditorium came with a pretty fresh-looking black eye. No one knows exactly what happened, but according to a wild and probably false rumor, Jay Z punched Pharrell in the eye for backing out of their Tidal deal and instead signing a deal with Apple Music.

An ‘insider’ is being quoted as saying:“Jay Z took it as a slap in the face for Pharrell to do that. Especially since Pharrell was one of the main people who came up with the idea for Tidal deal.”

Pharrell Williams did not get a black eye from a fight with Jay Z at least that’s what sources close to Pharrell say. He insists his injury resulted from a flying spatula.

Pharrell is telling friends and associates he and his wife Helen were “joking around in the kitchen” and a spatula “flipped up and hit him in the eye.”