Penelope Cruz Is Completely Gone Bald for Ma Ma


Bald Penelope Cruz is unrecognisable in her role as a cancer patient

Penelope Cruz has undergone a striking transformation from glamorous actress to breast cancer patient for her recent movie. In Spanish film Ma Ma, the actress appears bald as her character loses her hair, before needing a mastectomy for the lump in her breast. 

The Oscar-winning thespian, 41, plays Magda, an unemployed teacher with a young son whose life is thrown into turmoil by a cancer diagnosis and a romance with a widower. Penelope previously said she was honoured to be playing such a ‘goddess’ and wanted her physical changes to look as authentic as possible. More after the cut….

‘It was very important to me to take risks and at no time did I worry if I looked beautiful, was ugly or very ugly,’ she said. ‘It is a tribute to all women who face this disease.’ ‘This is one of the most wonderful characters that I will ever be offered to play. I fell in love with the story of this woman, who is like a goddess, a sage.’ :said Penelope

CRUZ IN DRAMATIC CANCER MOVIE MA MAnnPenelope Cruz is the wellspring of all womanly virtues in ¿Ma ma,nnNervously waiting a few months after finding a lump in one breast, Magda (Cruz) finally drags herself to see her gynecologist, Julian (Asier Etxeandia), who soon delivers the bad news: She will need a mastectomy, preceded by debilitating chemo treatments. She ponders this ill fortune at a soccer game where her son Dani (Teo Planell) excels as usual, attracting the attention of talent scout Arturo (Luis Tosar), who¿s looking for talented young players to enroll in the junior leagues that could lead to a pro career. ¿I needed some good news today,¿ Magda tells her new acquaintance, but just then Arturo gets a call with the worst news imaginable: There¿s been a car accident, one that¿s killed his daughter and left his wife in a coma.nMagda takes the distraught man to the hospital, then continues visiting him there after her own subsequent radiation therapies ¿ which she¿s informed no one else about, her self-absorbed academic husband, Raul (Alex Brendemuhl), having recently abandoned the family for an affair with a student.nnThe movie was released in Spain at the end of 2015 but will be released throught the world later this year, 2016.nnPicture shows: Penlope awakes from the mastectomy operation,the scar clearly visible.nn75596nEDITORIAL USE ONLY

Penelope Cruz, who also produced the movie, was visited by her father on the set of Ma Ma in 2014. He died in June the following year.Penelope has two children of her own, Luna, 2, and Leo, 4, with husband and Skyfall star Javier Bardem.

She with star alongside Bardem in upcoming movie Escobar, about a romance between a journalist and the famous drug lord Pablo Escobar. Ma Ma is set for worldwide release after being initially only shown in Spain