Passenger Takes Pet Turkey On Plane As An ‘Emotional Support animal’ – Photos


This turkey has taken the internet with storm after boarding a US flight

The incredible photo shows the Turkey sitting opened beaked while being hugged by its owner.

It is believed the turkey was given a seat on the plane as an “emotional support animal”. The astonishing picture was shared by million online, posted by biggestlittlepickle who said his flight attendant neighbour took the picture. He wrote: “He just posted this picture of someone’s ‘therapy pet’ on his flight.”.  More after the cut…

A photo was also shared by the same user of the turkey being transported in a wheelchair. Many flights in the U.S. allow passengers to take animals on board to cure anxiety and fear of flying. However the unusual pet sparked a debate about animals onboard flights. 

Turkey in a wheelchair

SoberHaySeed wrote: “Sometimes I think people are just trying to one up each other on how crazy their pick of emotional support animal can be. “First dogs, then cats, guinea pigs, miniature horses, 500 pound pot bellied pigs, and now a god damned turkey.”

Another Reddit user added: “I have an intense fear of chickens. “And seeing this picture made my heart rate shoot up, so I guess I’m afraid of turkeys, too. I would be incredibly uncomfortable on that flight.”

In December it emerged that some plane passengers are lying about illness and disability so they can take their pets on board.