Oops! Bloke Leaves His Wife At Petrol Station And Drives For 60 Miles Without Realising


The bloke reportedly left his wife at a petrol station

A forgetful bloke might have some apologising to do after he left his wife at a petrol station. “She was very angry. She was moaning at him for taking so long to realise”  

The man, only identified as Walter, did not realise his wife Claudia was missing from the car when he drove away. Claudia had been sleeping in the back seat of the car when she nipped into the petrol station shop to buy some snacks. When came back, she realised the car was gone. The couple’s 14-year-old son also reportedly failed to notice his missing mother as he was engrossed in his phone. More after the cut…

The family were driving from Brazil to Argentina, where they live, after a family holiday. Walter got around 60 miles away before realising his error.  Claudia apparently tried to call Walter but couldn’t get through on his mobile, before asking the petrol station employees for help. They contacted local police and took her to a station until her husband returned.

The couple's 14-year-old son didn't notice

“She was very angry. She was moaning at him for taking so long to realise,” said a traffic officer who witnessed Walter’s return.

He added that Claudia showed her frustration by kicking the car.