Nigerians, Did Somebody Place A Stealing Curse On Bode George?


Bode George and EFCC

If there is anybody who is meant to leave other people’s money ( OPM) completely alone and  move away  from politics that person should be Bode George.

This just beats me and have me crack my head wondering. I mean Bode George is a very powerful Politician or used to be one depends on who you ask. A close associate of former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo until he was sent to Jail on Corruption charges, by same Obasanjo’s government. More after the cut….

He eventually spent about 6 months and was released. During his “Thanks Giving Service” for being released from Jail, the Presiding Pastor advised him to stay away from such negative things that could land him in Trouble again, he was actually asked to use his Voice and position for good! This happened not so long ago and today same Bode George’s name is mentioned in the ongoing #DasukiGate.


It was alleged that he collected 100 million naira from the $2.1 billion meant to purchase arms for the Nigerian Military that are at war with the Boko Haram Terrorist; This is kind money it is called BLOOD MONEY by my friend, because this is the reason boko haram is killing Nigerians, this money is meant to save lives.

Bode George

And now I am asking this very question and want’s Nigerians to help me answer it please, Did Somebody Swear For Bode George With Stealing? Why can’t he stay off money that doesn’t belong to him? Even if others are stealing, is it a MUST that he must be part of it? Doesn’t he have enough Money that his Generation can never finish? Well like many Nigerians suffering because of wicked politicians, I can’t wait for this man to be Jailed for a very long time, as it has become obvious that he want’s to spend the rest of his life behind bars