Nigerian Student In Malaysia, Share Her Racism Experience And Multiple Stereotypes Labelled On Her By Malaysians



Nigerian Student from the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus spoke up about the issues she has experienced as a result of studying and living in Malaysia.

She addressed the issues under the Facebook page of “Humans of UNMC” (UNMC: University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus) on the 21st of March. She states…

“I’m here basically for the educational part, I don’t like Malaysia. I find a lot of stereotypes being labeled on us Nigerians. The hostility, people are not very trusting. A lot of landlords do not rent their houses to Nigerians. They label us as criminals. Most people have fun in Changkat on Wednesdays but because you happen to be dark skinned and wear a short skirt, you are classified as a prostitute.

And when it comes to jobs, I don’t want to keep talking negatively but I haven’t seen anything good! I came out on top of my class when I graduated, the very top, but the person who didn’t do so well got a job and I couldn’t, till now.

Even the laws. I’m like, ‘How do you guys live?’ To me, it is bringing down your country as a growing country needs as many hands as possible to grow, not limiting your workers and resources to a certain group of people. I don’t understand what’s going on here. I’m gonna finish school and go home. In Nigeria, the job opportunity is equal. And as long as you are good and you have the qualifications, the sky is the limit. And I think that’s the way it should be.”