Nigerian Man Honored In USA For Saving Kids’ Lives


Samuel Agunbiade was honored for saving the lives of all 30 kids on his bus. He has been a school bus driver for over 21 years, so been honored for doing something brave was a surprise to him. more after cut…

“They’re calling me a hero. I said hero? I just did what I was supposed to do you guys are mine I’m supposed to take care of you,” said Sammy Agunbiade.

He said he saw smoke coming out of the tailpipe in the bus, packed the bus immediately and rushed all the kids to a safe place so that they won’t be hurt. Congrats Mr Agunbiade, you deserve this honor.

  • Chishow

    Great news! Congrats good man.

  • Annonymos

    True words….nobody cares for

  • Annonymos

    Just because terrorist killed people in France, European leaders are running riots and the Europeans & Americans are saying pray for France, how about Nigeria were terrorist kill everyday & the European leaders & America do not care because we are Africans.

    The American defence secretary says terrorism in Nigeria is not there top priority but Europe is…..very very sad.