Narrow escape for Morgan Freeman in private jet crash landing



A plane that Morgan Freeman was on crash landed in Tunica, Mississippi on Saturday. The 78-year-old actor has  suffered no injury.

Freeman told TheWrap in a statement: ‘I was on my plane on the way to Texas to shoot a segment for The Story of God.  Sometimes things don’t go as planned and a tire blew on takeoff which caused other problems. But thanks to my excellent pilot Jimmy Hobson we landed safely without a scratch.’ He added: ‘I cannot say the same about my plane. I appreciate the concern and prayers for our safety.’

After the tire blowout, TMZ reports that the pilot had to make an emergency landing in Tunica, 36 miles away from where the Houston-bound jet took off in Clarksdale. The plane  which is believed to be owned by the Oscar winner veered off the end of the runway and into a dirt field after landing. It’s unclear what jet Freeman was travelling in, although it is known that he owns an $8million Syberjet SJ30.


The actor is hosting and acting as executive producer on The Story Of God, an upcoming National Geographic series about religion.In September of last year, Freeman was piloting a private jet, and safely landed it after it began malfunctioning en route to the Toronto International Film Festival. 

‘The slats would not retract in the air,’ he told The Hollywood Reporter at the time. ‘On the ground they were fine, but in the air they were a problem. We were about 10 minutes in the air trying to get them to retract but they didn’t so we went back and landed.’


Freeman was seriously injured in a car crash in 2008, when the vehicle he was driving flipped multiple times on a Mississippi highway. The actor still wears a compression glove on his paralyzed left hand, which supports the hand and puts pressure on it to increase blood flow to stop blood from pooling there.