A village in China has hit the spotlight after it was revealed that a high number of its residents are twins.

Qingyuan, a rural village in mountainous Chongqing, has only 367 households but 39 pairs of twins reports the People’s Daily Online.

Over time, Qingyuan has become known as twin village with the local primary school containing a set of twins in almost every class. The oldest set of twins in the village are 89 years old. Twins are such a phenomenon that even the village’s chickens are reportedly laying double yolk eggs. However, the locals remain baffled as to why so many of their families have twins, according to a previous report on People’s Daily Online in May.
One villager Cheng Xianming married his wife ten years ago. In 2011, he and his wife worked outside of the village however they later returned to take care of their elderly parents. Two months later, Cheng Xiaming discovered his wife was pregnant and she eventually gave birth to twins. He says that in the local elementary school, twins can be found in almost every class. 68-year-old Zhang Yuanqing has a pair of twin sons, one called Pan Wen Zhi and another son called Pan Wen Shuang.

Runs in the family: Qingyuan village has many twins with the oldest pair aged 89 

Pan Wen Zhu worked in the decoration business and Pan Wen Shuang moved to Chongqing. Zhang Yuanqing said the brothers work very hard but he wishes they would return to the village, find wives and have twins.

Fellow villager Huang Haiqing is well known in the village. In his family, three generations are twins. Huang has a twin brother who also had twin sons and his grandsons are a pair of twins. His niece also gave birth to twin sons. Many people find it hard to believe how the village has so many twins. Some people have moved to the village in the hope that they will give birth to twins.

Twins: Two sisters stand with their mother wearing identical clothing in Qingyuan village

Locals have asked researchers to come to the village in order to understand why there are so many twins

Twins are such a phenomenon that even the village's chickens are laying double yolk eggs

Double trouble: Two twins stand in their village which is located high up in the mountains in Chongqing

Two's a crowd: The local primary school has a set of twins in almost every class

Adorable twins: Two sisters wear matching clothes as they sit in their village 

Qingyuan village is high up at an altitude of 1100 metres with an annual sunshine of around 867 hours and average annual temperature of 13.7 degrees Celsius. Locals have organised for a large number of local experts to conduct research on the village.

This isn’t an isolated case. In 2009 it was reported that Kodinhi, a village in India was going through a similar situation. In a village of 2,000 people, it was reported that there were over 200 sets of twins.