She has played the part of dutiful wife for over two years now. Kim Kardashian who made it up by spending time alone with her husband in the recording studio, because she was disappointed in herself for missing Kanye West’s music video performance in Iceland.

But on Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the 35-year-old reality star said: she had earlier once again admitted that her husband is desperate to have another child, telling Scott Disick: ‘Kanye has said it every single day for like the last week.’

After admitting that she is not sure she can ‘carry another one as her husband suggested,’ the conversation with sister Kourtney’s ex turned highly surreal when she told him: ‘I just feel like – ugh, I’ll never be the same down there. ‘Kanye says it like feels the same. Wait, tell me, do you think it’s different?’

‘Dude, 100 percent things change,’ Scott insisted of what would have happened to her private area, leaving Kim to ask: ‘Like, it’s like throwing a hot dog through a hallway?’
‘No it’s not about that,’ Scott insisted.

Misfire: It all started when Kim persuaded Kourtney to celebrate her 37th birthday in Iceland where she was going to support husband Kanye West shooting a video

Not happy: Kanye later stormed away from a table while miffed about Kim missing the video shoot

Video priority: Kim prioritised Kanye's music video but ended up arriving late for the shoot

‘I feel that me and Kanye don’t care about that. It’s like the fact that like something that big has come in and out of there – things are just different internally. Just like bumps and curves … it’s just not the same,’ Kim said. Kim seemed delighted when she said: ‘It’s like the same house but the furniture’s been rearranged.’

‘Correct. Like, exactly,’ Scott replied. ‘The front door is still the same but inside the couches have been spread apart and mixed and matched like a hurricane hit. Yeah, that’s a good analogy.’

Scott was himself clearly heartbroken when Kourtney decided to spend her birthday in Iceland rather than back home with him.