A Heroic mum became a human shield when she risked her own life to save her son – as bullets fired into a crowd of protesters in Dallas.

Mum-of-four Shetamia Taylor was shot in the calf as she jumped on top of the 15-year-old boy to protect him by turning herself to human shield.

The son escaped unharmed, but was drenched in his mother’s blood. Her sister Theresa Williams has spoken out about the terrifying ordeal that left five police officers dead and nine injured – including two civilians.

She told Fox 4 news: “As the rally was ending and they turned to leave, they were one of the first crowds to leave, they heard the first gunshot. After that first gunshot she heard the second gunshot and after that it was just a lot of gunshots. She said they just came so fast and they wouldn’t stop.” She added: “They all began to run, scatter and she said as she started to run she caught a bullet in the back of her right leg. She immediately jumped on top of one of her boys, the 15-year-old, she jumped on top to shield him on the ground as she pushed him in between two cars and the kerb. “Her other three boys scattered and ran in opposite directions. So she lost three of her boys, didn’t know where they were. She lay there, she said it was about five minutes before cops even got to her and pulled her from the area where she was because the shots were coming so fast.” 

Shetamia Taylor underwent surgery for her injuries but is expected to make a full recovery

Ms Taylor was taken to hospital and underwent surgery for her injuries. Another bystander caught up in the horrifying attack was Lynn Mays. He said his life had been saved by a brave officer who pushed him out of the way of bullets.

Shetamia Taylor's sisters Sherie and Theresa William speak to the media as they leave the Baylor University Medical Center

The shootings appeared to be coordinated and planned

Officers and members of the public alike were forced to take cover from the shootings

People were left terrified, trying to take cover from the shots from an unknown source


He told Dallas News: “All of a sudden we started hearing gunshots just out of nowhere. “At first we couldn’t identify it because we weren’t expecting it and then we started hearing more rapid fire and a police officer pushed me out of the way because it was coming in our direction. “So when the officer pushed me out the way next thing you know we heard ‘officer down’ so when we hear ‘officer down’ more undercover officers as well as uniformed police officers start running around the corner, they froze and this shootout began.”