Mother-of-three horrified to find her new set of £11 ‘Animal’ nightwear came with a VERY rude word!



A mother, Maria Wright, 23, who bought leopard-print pyjamas with ‘ANIMAL’ written on the waistband was shocked to realise an unfortunate overlap revealed a rather different word on her backside. She had bought the pyjamas for £11 from budget retailer Peacocks, which advertises them as a chance to ‘unleash your inner wild side’.

But when she put them on, partner John realised there were two letters missing from the middle of word ‘ANIMAL’ on the waistband, spelling something quite rude just above her derriere.



‘It says “ANIMAL” all around and then straight above my bum says “ANAL”. It’s the perfect place to be honest,’ said Maria, from Peterborough in Cambridgeshire.She added: ‘He was in tears of laughter. Right on top of my bum it says anal, so where they stitched it they had not put the I and M of ANIMAL in. It’s typical that he noticed it there.’  I do see the funny side but it’s more the embarrassment for me. I had to go down to the store to get my refund and show off the pyjama bottoms in front of everyone. The members of staff were laughing along with the rest of the store. My four-year-old son is just learning to read as well, and he said “what’s anal mummy?” I was horrified. I just said “I don’t know”. How embarrassing. It’s girls that are younger than me though, some children fit into women’s pyjamas and I would be shocked as a mother to see that’


But while she saw the funny side, Miss White was also embarrassed by the mistake, then horrified when her son, 4, who has just started reading, asked her what the word on her waistband meant.